b. 1970 Laurel, Maryland, U.S

Christine Corday is largely a self-taught artist with diverse interest in the sciences as well as the fine arts. In 1991, before receiving her B.A. in Communication Arts (1992), she wrote an original research paper which led to an Astrophysics internship at NASA Ames Research Center. She later continued her academic studies with graduate courses in Cultural Anthropology. From 1992–1999, Corday worked as a graphic and structural designer for several national and international advertising agencies, during which she received an Edison Ingenuity Prize in Montreal, Canada as well as international design awards with her patented glass bottle for The Republic of Tea. Corday was selected for a Short Story prize in 2000 from Francis Ford Coppola’s fiction magazine Zoetrope and finalist in the Fence Modern Poet 2005 Prize.

In 1999, Corday devoted full-time to painting and moved her studio abroad to Tokyo, Japan for one year and then to Seville, Spain for three years where she began the large-scale project Instrument for the Ocean to Play. Upon her return to the States in 2005, she moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and started the large steel Forms of her PROTOIST Series.

The works of CORDAY are in private collections worldwide: Paris, Mexico City, Dublin, Tokyo, Madrid, Dubai, Brussels, Washington DC, and New York City.

Corday lives and works in New York with

her partner Christopher and their dog Willy.

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Artist Information

photo: jeffrey prehn